Il borgo antico

The ancient village of Carlopoli preserves a rich artistic and architectural heritage , accompanied by impressive mansions of the '600 and '700 and several old churches. In the stillness and silence of the two urban agglomerations are visible interesting buildings with balconies and portals artistic testimonies of a valid period of architectural and urban concepts , highlighted in the details of construction of simple , but elegant linearity. Here, the charm of the abandoned mixes with the flavor of the past with small and long vinelle that overlook other and others, perched on a small mountain. And something that captivates the attention and imagination : the stairs. Every building , every door, a landing followed by a staircase that goes to the road. Here began the " Wrinkle ", ie the neighborhood , with all its richness of human relationships and social relationships. This is the key to understanding the country around the threshold of the house , there was a common space , in a sense, the living room of the house , the space of social life, because the living space inside the houses was limited. The street was the place where he " lived " at certain times of the day, where the women worked or embroidered , where the children played . The road was also the scene of disputes over economic issues, for borders , or passion : in the country in general, nothing was done in silence. Today of course is not built anymore and architectural change has inevitably resulted in the change of social relations, has also influenced neighborly relations . The threshold of the house is no longer a meeting place, the homes do not enter more directly into the kitchen , that is, in what was the main room , but there is the barrier of entry or hallway, new homes typically are no longer huddled but separated by fences.

All this prevents the emergence of the "Ruga " so how could it be 50 years ago

Il borgo antico

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